News from the 2013 Ride & Stride


Saturday 14th September saw 15 people set off from St. Peter’s Church, Walgrave at 10am for the annual NHCT Ride & Stride. It had rained earlier in the morning but fortunately we had a dry ride all day. 22 churches were visited by the ladies team (plus 1 gent) over the course of the day and we were delighted to have in our midst 3 generations of the same family: Dorothy Martin, Lydia Baxter and Claire Baxter. Despite being only 12, Lydia managed to complete the whole ride of approximately 40 miles. We encountered a warm welcome wherever we went and saw lots of fascinating churches and chapels in varying states of repair all with their own fascinating stories and all of architectural interest. Some churches were taking advantage of the event to stage coffee mornings and one church in Doddington had taken to offering bacon sandwiches to hungry riders - alas we were too late for this. We hope to have raised significant funds but it is too soon to say how much as we are still collecting in sponsorship. Thank you for supporting us if you have done so by sponsoring us; a special mention goes to the ladies who welcomed people into the church all day and others who waved and cheered us off in the morning.
Stephen Kelly and his daughter Jenny also rode for the church and managed Walgrave, Holcot, Pitsford, Brixworth, Scaldwell and Old. Thank you to them also.
Katrina Parker (second from right in photograph))

John Beale, (in yellow top near centre of photo) also from Walgrave, has been the Brixworth Deanery organiser for a number of years and has ridden on the Ride/Stride Day for approx. 20 years. Last year, he was unable to ride as he was shaking off the effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. But the good news is that, despite next to no training this year, with 2 companions to ensure his wellbeing, he hit the road in determined fashion to complete the route outlined below raising approx. £300 in sponsorship.

John wishes to thank all the many friends who have offered their support, best wishes and prayers through a very challenging time for him. His fellow cyclist friends thank all those who made them so welcome on the day ...and especially at Old St. Andrews Church where the Hamson family served up a magnificent display of cakes etc which put a little fuel in the tank to get the three riders the last mile back to Walgrave!

The one thing that disappointed John was that he was forced to walk the last 75 metres up in the hill into Brixworth from Cottesbrooke!...he reckons that was the consequence of inadequate training!!  But next year.......a more challenging route, hopefully!!

The route covered by John Beale and his 2 companions was:
10am Walgrave St Peters
10.05 Walgrave Baptists
10.20 Hannington St Peter and Paul
10.35 Holcot St Mary and All Saints
10.50 Moulton St Peter and St Pauls...we crossed the tape here so fast,the time is a guess
11.00 Moulton Carey Baptists
11.25 Kingsthorpe St David's
11.40 Kingsthorpe Holy Trinity and St Paul
11.55 Kingsthorpe St John

12.20 Kingsthorpe Baptists
12.35 Kingsthorpe Methodist
12.45 Kingsthorpe St Marks
Lunch break along Brampton Valley Way

15.00 Creaton St Michael and All Angels
15.05 Creaton URC
15.15 Cottesbrooke All Saints
15.50 Brixworth All Saints
16.20 Scaldwell St Peter
16.40 Old St Andrews

17.00 Whizzed over finishing line in Walgrave with not a tyre width between 3 riders after 28 miles.


In another part of the county ....

Ian Lowery and his daughter, Claire, have made a collage of their Ride and Stride tour 2013. Well done to them both for having visited all of these churches.



News from the 2012 Ride and Stride

A group of seven ladies from Walgrave took part in the Ride and Stride. The ladies in the group were Linda Twohey, Anna Cockayne, Alicia Schofield, Katrina Parker, Elizabeth Baker, Tracy Webb and Claire Baxter. They cycled 42 miles between them and visited 18 churches. Katrina Parker said “Lovely weather and lots of lovely people to greet us. No flat tyres or injuries either.”

Their route was:

Start: Walgrave (Baptist church & St. Peter's Church)

Gt Oxendon
Haselbech (not open)

The photograph of the group was taken at Maidwell and includes Mrs Angela Jackson who was recording visitors and providing refreshments.

I was cycling with my wife and friends Graham and Frances Ashworth when we met the ladies at Maidwell. Our ride was less ambitious but took us on a round trip from Scaldwell taking in Lamport, Maidwell, Draughton, Loddington, Thorpe Malsor, Great Cransley, Broughton, Walgrave (St Peters and the Baptist Chapel), Old and back to Scaldwell – about 25 miles. Some churches were combining being open for the Ride and Stride with church cleaning! Refreshments were provided at the churches which were manned and very welcome they were. I must mention the feast of cakes on offer at Old provided by Jeanette Hamson – which came just at the right time as we neared the end of our trip.

Our main memories of the day were the beautiful churches, the delightful Northamptonshire countryside, the sunny weather and above all the lovely people of all ages – we reckon we were towards the top end of the age range - we met en route whether church sitters or fellow cyclists. It was really encouraging to see younger people taking part including two youngsters from Geddington whom we met at Loddington. The Ride and Stride is a very happy and enjoyable occasion as those of you who take part know  - just share this knowledge with your friends so they can take part next year on Saturday September 14th.

Please let me have any of your experiences of the day so we can compile a record.

John White
Chairman (email address )