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Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust disburses grant funds  to assist chuches and chapels in the county with restoration projects.
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1. Extract from Declaration of Trust dated 10 March 1955 – its Objects: 

"The Trustees shall stand possessed of the Trust Fund upon the trust to apply the income and capital therefrom in such manner as they shall in their absolute discretion think fit for all or any of the following charitable purposes namely:

- “The preservation, repair, maintenance, improvement, upkeep, beautification and reconstruction of churches in Northamptonshire and of monuments, fittings, fixtures, stained glass, furniture, ornaments and chattels in such churches and of the churchyard belonging to any such churches and the Trustees may at any time and from time to time pay or transfer any part or parts of the income or capital of the Trust Fund to the Historic Churches Preservation Trust (now known as the National Churches Trust) for any similar charitable purpose or purposes in the United Kingdom other than in Northamptonshire".

2. Priorities and Considerations

The Trustees have an obligation to apply the income and capital of the Trust in the terms of its Objects as set out above but have resolved in terms of priority, to give preference to grant applications involving work to the structure of the church. In considering grant applications, the Trustees will take into account the Eligibility criteria set out in paragraph 3 below.

The Trustees strongly encourage churches to take part in the annual “Ride and Stride” event organised by the Trust as actively as practicable taking into account the circumstances of the individual church. The income generated by the Ride and Stride forms a significant part of the funds available for distribution as grants. The greater the funds raised by the Ride and Stride, the greater the funds available for grants.

The Trustees hope that a church would become a friend of the Trust before a grant is paid to the church.

3. Eligibility of projects for grant aid

3.1  Grants may be made to churches of any age or denomination.

3.2  Preference will be given to applications relating to repairs to the structure of the church, including stonework repairs, re-roofing, attention to timber and plasterwork, glazing repairs and drainage.

3.3  Grants may be made for toilet and servery facilities if they are created within the church or form part of an appropriate extension to the church.

3.4  Grants may be made for heating and electrical wiring.

3.5  Consideration may be given to applications for grants for the restoration of organs.

3.6   Grants will not be made for general maintenance works relating solely to bell fittings or new schemes involving retuning, re-hanging or augmentation of rings etc. Consideration will be given to applications concerning works which relate to structural issues involving bell frames or matters concerning safe access within the belfry especially where this assists maintenance of a roof or gutters above.

3.7  Consideration may be given to applications for grants for the provision of disabled access to the church.

3.8  Grants will not normally be made for the restoration of monuments unless they are of particular significance when consideration will be given to them.

3.9  Grants may be made to churches which have been closed but in those cases, payments will be made direct to the contractors undertaking the works on the closed church in conjunction with any organising committee.

3.10  Except in the circumstances referred to in paragraph 3.9 above, a grant will only be made to the body legally responsible for the church or chapel, that is, in the case of a Church of England church, the Parochial Church Council or the equivalent body in the case of the churches or chapels of other denominations. Grants will not be made to church preservation trusts.

3.11  Because of the demands on the Trust's resources, preference will be given to churches which have not received a grant within the past five years but this should not preclude applications from churches which have received grants within that period, as they will still receive consideration.

3.12  As a significant part of the Trust's income is derived from the Ride and Stride, the extent to which churches have taken part in the Ride and Stride will be taken into account in considering their grant applications.

26 November 2013


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Privacy policy

Alternatively, a Grant Application Form can be obtained from:

Mr Michael Moore
1 Horrocks Way
NN14 1NE

and once completed, returned to him.


As a trusted partner of the National Churches Trust, we have access to a number of additional grants for projects as part of the Partnership Grants Programme. The Programme has provided over £1 million in grant funding towards repairs at churches and chapels over the last five years, and can now support some installation of facilities. Applications should be made directly to us following our usual application procedure as above on this page.


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